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HongDe School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment. To see details about our Communicable Disease Prevention Plan, please click here.
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Please phone the school if your child will be late or absent.

In the message leave the following information: 

student's name




reason they will be away or late

in the event that we have not heard from you, we will attempt to reach you or call the emergency contact.

HongDe Elementary expects students to maintain the highest academic standards and attend school regularly. Regular attendance is closely linked to academic success.

School Bus

Getting to School by Bus  

Students travel to school in a variety ways including walking, taking school buses, transit, or being driven by parents/guardians. Students’ safety is important, no matter how they get to school and home again.

There will be school bus pickup locations in three cities. 


School Bus Pick-Up and Drop-Off Cities 

We provide 2 school buses that routes cover the three cities:
  • Vancouver
  • Richmond 
  • Burnaby

Route 1:  South Burnaby –> Burnaby Library –> North Burnaby —>  HongDe School

Route 2:  Richmond (Lansdowne Centre) –> Vancouver West –> HongDe School

*Route subject to change as per school’s discretion.

Parking & Drop-Off 

Ensuring our students get to school safely is everyone’s responsibility. Please be mindful of crosswalks, parking rules and speed limits when you are near our school especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal times. 

Parent Portal Login 

Links out to portal of MySchool 

Parents Get Involved

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A monthly newsletter will be published on our website and sent home to families to keep them informed about programs and activities at the school.


We welcome volunteers in the classroom, on field trips and with certain activities at school.

Community Engagement 

Dialogue is HongDe Elementary school’s approach to community engagement. It is a mutually respectful exchange of ideas that acknowledges and celebrates the diversity within the community. It represents our ongoing commitment to involve people in decisions that affect them. 

Budget Process 

The school budget and financial information contain information about how we fund our schools and maximize dollars directed to students in classrooms. It is the principal’s job to develop the budget, and the school board advises and approves it. 

Parents who would like to learn more about the plan and how our school budgets, are invited to have a conversation with our principal.  

Parent-Teacher Conferences 

Parent-teacher conferences are an opportunity to engage in conversation about your child’s learning. Parents/guardians and teachers are able to connect face-to-face and communicate openly about student learning. 

Parent Group 

One way parents/guardians can make a meaningful difference for students is by participating on our school’s parent group. Under the School Act, a parent group is a formal group of parents, who advise the principal and the Board and assist in raising funds for the school.

Parent Testimonials

Josephine Wong, Mother of Leona

Josephine Wong

I highly recommend HongDe as an excellent Mandarin bilingual elementary school. The school’s program provides students with the opportunity to become fluent in both Mandarin and English, and the emphasis on character development is impressive.

The teachers at HongDe are highly qualified and genuinely caring, and they create a positive environment that encourages students to thrive. Overall, HongDe is a great choice for families seeking a top-quality education that prioritizes both language and character development.

Lucy Huang, Mother of Eve Huang (Year 1)

Lucy Huang

Hello to all, I am the mother of Eve Huang, a student of grade 1 in Hong De elementary. When my daughter first attended Hong De, she did not speak English very well and it was her first time very excited and somewhat anxious about all the new things to discover and experience at school. All teachers and staff are very helpful and well prepared to help children and families. My daughter has always come back home with a smile and has enjoyed going to school. After one year studying in Hong De , my daughter can speak both English and Mandarin very well.

In Hong De, all parents and staff work closely together to make the children’s experience fun, creative and meaningful during the school year. The teachers are very supportive and flexible in their approach in regard to teaching. The class sizes are small and not oversized. Moreover, they have a great Mandarin class with fabulous teachers who are very patient with my daughter.

I would like to express my appreciation that as a parent I am very happy with the support and efforts the teachers in Hong De elementary are taking for my daughter. I appreciate it and thank all the teachers and Principle for making the class work out very well.

To everyone in Hong De, to all the staff: thank you for everything!!!

Roksolana Prudyus, Zlata’s mom

Roksolana Prudyus

My daughter Zlata is already a 4th grader. It’s her second school year at HongDe Elementary. And I cannot express how happy I am with our school.

Zlata was born in Ukraine, and we moved to Canada when she was five. She didn’t know English, not to mention Chinese. So I am impressed with how fast she started using English fluently and her progress in Mandarin.

What I appreciate most is the kindness and professionalism of the school staff and teachers. They pay attention to every little detail in the kids’ personalities, helping them to succeed in the best way, and guiding them through new knowledge and social interactions.

Thank you, HongDe!

Alva Li, Mother of Henry Leong

Alva Li

I am the mother of Henry Leong, a student of Kindergarten in HongDe Elementary School.

Henry was born in Calgary and we moved to Vancouver last year for the purpose of Henry’s Chinese development. My husband doesn’t speak any Chinese, and learning Chinese is important to our family. Surprisingly we are very impressed by the school, not just for how excellent Henry’s reading and speaking skills are now. But most importantly, all teachers and administrative staff are very loving and passionate about their work. Henry is very fortunate to be able to grow in such a loving and caring environment. Within a year in HongDe Elementary School, Henry has developed his self-confidence and competency. Academically, Henry is supported by professional teachers, interactive workshops such as baking and cooking classes; arts & music, as well as a lot of outdoor activities. School board is also very supportive about teaching Chinese virtues which I personally think is very important for a child to learn to be kind, respectful and polite. I will continue to recommend HongDe Elementary School to all of my friends and family.

Rose Pham, Mother of Stephen Duong Nguyen

Rose Pham

I am the mother of Stephen Duong Nguyen, a student of grade 1 in HongDe Elementary School.

Everything about school are amazing. Stephen loves this school. He loves all teachers and I am so happy about that.

Every morning he was excited to go to school to learn new things, play with friends.
He is so proud of himself that he can learn Mandarin and is super interested in reading, math and dance!

School Services Provided

Off-Site Activities

Off-site activities are learning experiences that occur away from the school site. These activities enable students to participate in quality learning experiences that are supporting educational outcomes. All off-site activities are conducted under the school regulations.

Student Activities

School Spirit

We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit. 


School wide virtue assemblies are held monthly. All classes have the opportunity to showcase pieces that focus on the virtue of the month.  


Each week the students look forward to going to the library for a read aloud or mini-lesson, book checkout, and center activities.  Online Library Resources are available to students.

Hot Lunch Program

We will be providing a daily hot lunch schedule when school commences in September. You will only need to provide your child with a healthy morning snack each day.

Health & Wellness Resources

We believe in a whole-school approach to health and wellness, focused on: healthy eating; healthy relationships; physical activity; and positive mental health.

Illness & Medical


In the event of an accident, the supervising teacher will take immediate actions as necessary and inform the principal as soon as possible. The principal will take charge and inform the parent/guardian and receive instructions as soon as possible.

Parents or guardians requesting school assistance with their child’s medical needs must speak to the principal and are required to complete special forms.


We recognize that the mental health of everyone has been impacted during this difficult time. It is critical now more than ever that our students have the tools to reconnect with themselves.

Kids Help Phone

Students in Canada who need to talk to a counsellor outside of Health and Wellness Counsellor’s office hours, please text or call Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868, which is available 24/7 and is anonymous and confidential.

General Services for children and teens in BC:

Mental Health Support in BC

Child & Youth Mental Health

Family Services of Greater Vancouver


Articles about Anxiety:

Learning about anxiety in children

How to talk to your child about anxiety


How to Support Your child:




How to connect with your child:

Does my child need therapy?

Food and Nutrition

Morning snack and lunches: Please send your child with a healthy, nut-free morning snack every day.

Please ensure that teachers are aware of all severe allergies and the actions to be taken should your child have an allergic reaction.  

After School Program  

After School Program

After School Teacher supervises students from 3:15pm to 6:15pm during the school day, please contact us for the after school program registration.


School Supervision

Morning Supervision 

Two teaching staff members supervise students beginning at 8:30. Upon arrival, students are to proceed to the front lobby or the cafeteria area until school begins.  

During School Supervision 

Every student at HongDe Elementary will be under the supervision of at least one staff member at all times during the school day.

If a student and staff member need to meet privately, all reasonable effort will be made to allow for the meeting to take place in a location where a third person outside of the room has visual contact. 

Two staff members will supervise students in designated areas during the lunch period. 

After School Supervision 

Two teaching staff members supervise students for 20 minutes after school is dismissed unless the student is involved in a club that meets for a longer duration. Students who wish to remain after school should go to the front lobby or cafeteria area unless they are meeting individually with a teacher or involved in a supervised club. 

Parents/Guardians should note: 

  • While supervisors may not be able to see all of the students at one time, the students know where the supervisors are and can contact one if necessary. 
  • Parents should note that students who arrive before 8:30 and remain in the school more than 20 minutes after dismissal may not be under the direct supervision of a HongDe Elementary staff member unless they have made individual arrangements with a staff member. 

Support HongDe  

How to Make a Donation 

There are many ways you can contribute to our school’s success and make a difference for our school and our students. In our school, this can include providing in-kind donations, contributing cash and lending expertise and technical knowledge.