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Our Staff and Teachers

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Our Teachers

Tyler Kolpin

Tyler has several years of teaching experience in Vancouver elementary schools. He completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Geography. Additionally, Tyler completed a Master of Science in Education and after a few years of classroom teaching specialized with a Master of Educational Technology, UBC.

Pei-Zhen Chiu

I have a Fine Art degree from Emily Carr University and a Bachelor Education degree from Simon Fraser University. I am a certified British Columbia teacher,  born in Taiwan and have been living in Vancouver for more than 20 years, I have experience teaching K-Grade 12 students in British Columbia and speak both Mandarin and English fluently.

Sue Chang
Sue Chang holds a Master of Education degree from Canada and a Bachelor of Education degree from Taiwan. For more than 30 years, she has taught Mandarin and music. Along with her knowledge of both Asian and Western educational systems, Ms. Chang is proficient in designing and editing class materials. As a teacher, she has experience working with students from all backgrounds and ages.

Matthew Cugnet

Matthew is a certified BC teacher with six years of teaching experience in the Surrey School District. He has experience teaching all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 7 with a specialization in behavioural intervention. In 2019, Matthew taught at the International Trilingual School in Warsaw as a Lead English Teacher as well as an ESL teacher through VIPKid. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. Additionally, he is a certified Life Coach.