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HongDe School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment. To see details about our Communicable Disease Prevention Plan, please click here.

HongDe Elementary School is an inclusive space and is committed to identifying, removing, and preventing barriers to accessibility. To see our Accessibility Plan, please click here.

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HongDe Elementary School, a BC Ministry of Education certified Not-For-Profit Kindergarten – Grade 5 Independent School, presents an immersive Mandarin / English bilingual program and vibrant Fine Arts curriculum. Dive into a world where 40% of K-5 learning comes alive in Chinese (Mandarin), while 60% unfolds in the richness of English.

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At HongDe Elementary, we uphold six core educational pillars that form the foundation of our approach to learning.

BC Ministry of Education Accredited

BC Ministry of Education Accredited

Bilingual BC Curriculum (Mandarin & English)

Bilingual BC Curriculum (Mandarin & English)

Embracing Multicultural Learning

Embracing Multicultural Learning

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

Dedicated to the Virtues Project

Dedicated to the Virtues Project

Proud Member of FISA BC

Proud Member of FISA BC

HongDe School Students


“Our son Jacob joined HongDe in 3rd grade after moving from Taiwan to Canada. The supportive teachers helped him adjust to Canada and improve his English, while maintaining and enhancing his Mandarin skills. Jacob loves the small classes, cultural programs, and dedicated staff. Thanks, HongDe!”
HongDe Bilingual Elementary School Parents Testimonials - 5
Jacob's Parents
“I highly recommend HongDe Elementary for its exceptional Mandarin bilingual program. With a strong emphasis on character development and highly qualified, caring teachers, HongDe provides students with a positive environment to thrive academically and linguistically. It’s an excellent choice for families prioritizing both language fluency and character education.”
HongDe Bilingual Elementary School Parents Testimonials - 6
Josephine Wong Leona's mom
“My daughter Zlata, now in 5th grade, thrives at HongDe Elementary. Moving from Ukraine to Canada at a young age, she quickly mastered English and made impressive progress in Mandarin. I’m grateful for the caring and dedicated staff who support her growth academically and socially. Thank you, HongDe!”
HongDe Bilingual Elementary School Parents Testimonials - 2
Roksolana Prudyus Zlata's mom
“When my daughter started at HongDe, she was excited yet anxious about adjusting to a new school where English wasn’t her first language. The supportive staff made her feel at ease, and within a year, she became proficient in both English and Mandarin. The collaborative effort between parents and staff creates a fun and meaningful learning experience for children. With small class sizes and dedicated teachers, HongDe provides excellent support and flexibility in teaching. I’m grateful for the teachers’ efforts in ensuring my daughter’s success. Thank you to the entire HongDe team for everything!”
HongDe Bilingual Elementary School Parents Testimonials - 1
Lucy Huang Eve's mom
“Moved from Calgary to Vancouver for Henry’s Chinese development, we’re impressed by HongDe Elementary. Henry’s reading and speaking skills flourished. More importantly, the loving and passionate staff nurtured his confidence and competence. Supported by professional teachers and engaging workshops, Henry thrived academically and socially. The school’s focus on teaching Chinese virtues is commendable. I highly recommend HongDe Elementary to friends and family.”
HongDe Bilingual Elementary School Parents Testimonials - 3
Alva Li Henry's mom
“Everything about the school is amazing. Stephen loves it, cherishes his teachers, and eagerly embraces learning every day. He’s proud of his Mandarin skills and passionate about reading, math, and dance!”
HongDe Bilingual Elementary School Parents Testimonials - 4
Rose Pham Stephen's mom




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