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Campus Life

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Welcome to a journey of growth, discovery, and community at HongDe Elementary. We’re thrilled to have you be a part of our campus life!


Learn how to report a student’s absence.

Campus Life: Attendance

School Uniform

All students are required to wear the private school uniform.

Campus Life: School Uniform

School Bus

We offer school bus pick up and drop off.

School bus

Student Activities

School Community

We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit.

Services & Resources: Community


School-wide virtue assemblies are held monthly. Students from each class are recognized for the Virtue of the Month.

Services & Resources: School Assembly


We have a library system. Students can sign out Mandarin, English, and Mandarin English bilingual books.

Services & Resources: School Library

Food and Nutrition

Morning Snack and Lunches

Please send your child a healthy, nut-free morning snack every day.

Hot Lunch Program

We provide hot lunch through 2 vendors, LovinLunch and Lunchbox by SchoolCash Online. Please make arrangements with the school administrator.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Health & Wellness Resources

We believe in a whole-school approach to health and wellness, focused on: healthy eating; healthy relationships; physical activity; and positive mental health.

Illness & Medical

In the event of an accident, the supervising teacher will take immediate actions as necessary and inform the principal as soon as possible. Parents or guardians requesting school assistance with their child’s medical needs must speak to the principal and are required to complete special forms.


Health & Wellness Resources

We recognize that the mental health of everyone has been impacted during this difficult time. It is critical now more than ever that our students have the tools to reconnect with themselves. Students in Canada who need to talk to a counsellor outside of Health and Wellness Counsellor’s office hours, please text or call Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868, which is available 24/7 and is anonymous and confidential.

Health and Accessibility Measures

Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

HongDe School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment. To see details about our Communicable Disease Prevention Plan, please click here.

Accessibility Plan

HongDe Elementary School is an inclusive space and is committed to identifying, removing, and preventing barriers to accessibility. To see our Accessibility Plan, please click here.