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Message from Principal

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“As the Principal of HongDe Elementary, it’s my honor to welcome you to our website. Whether you’re a prospective family, student, or career seeker, I invite you to explore our caring and vibrant learning community.”

Brittany Conlon
Ms. Brittany Conlon with students

As Principal, it is my pleasure to introduce you to HongDe Elementary School, a BC certified Mandarin/ English bilingual school where students and teachers learn and collaborate together.

At HongDe Elementary, teachers and staff strive to ensure that all students are learning in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming school environment. HongDe teachers focus on facilitating the development of critical thinking and inquiry in students by following the BC Curriculum (Core Competencies, Curricular Competencies, Content, First People’s Principles of Learning), while also modeling and teaching virtues.

HongDe Elementary School is a small and unique learning community that values the diversity and talents of all students and staff. By learning at HongDe Elementary School, your child will acquire language proficiency in both Mandarin and English, and also feel proud of their achievements as bilingual learners.


Brittany Conlon, MEd