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Mandarin / English Bilingual Program

The program is designed for English-speaking and Mandarin-speaking students to develop communication and literacy skills in both languages. 

Students learn language and study both English and Chinese languages for part of the day. Throughout K-5 grades, 40% of the curriculum will be taught in Mandarin and the other 60% will be taught in English.

Use BC curriculum, following the Core and Curricular Competencies. 

Coursework focuses not only on the application of language to real-life situations but also on deepening an understanding of the cultural and spiritual aspects inherent in the language.  

Students are expected to adopt an open-minded view of different world cultural heritages in general, and to identify with the essence of the Chinese and Western heritage specifically. 

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Curriculum Taught in Mandarin

The school uses the BC curriculum, following the Core and Curricular Competencies. 

Chinese Language Arts

Chinese Language Arts

Graduates from HongDe’s bilingual education program will have command over two languages. Every aspect of their academic English will be on par with their peers from mono-linguistic programs. But they will also have enough knowledge of Mandarin Chinese so as to comfortably engage with native speakers.

The Mandarin/English Bilingual Program aims to have all students achieve near-fluency by the end of grade 7.  Specifically, students will be at the B1 to B2*  or Intermediate-High to Advanced-Mid**  levels.  At these levels students can be expected to:
-read simpler newspaper articles concerned with current affairs
-understand the main point of many TV programs
-confidently interact with native speakers on a wide range of topics

Students are exposed to traditional and simplified characters, as well as Zhuyin and Pinyin romanization systems. Extensive reading at each grade level establishes the core of instruction. Students will have a strong command of 1500-2000 Chinese characters by program’s end.

Textual sources have been selected based on their adherence to traditional Chinese values, which include the cultivation of virtue, respect for elders and learning, diligence and propriety. The time-honored Thousand-Character Classic(千字文), Three-Character Classic(三字經) and Rules for Children(弟子規) are among the sources. The name of the school, HongDe, translated as spreading virtue widely, reflects the values our program aspires to impart.

*Common European Framework of Languages
**American Council on Foreign Languages

Arts Education (Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Drama are taught by specialists.)

The Fine Arts Program


Students will learn the Traditional Chinese Dance and Western Dance 傳統中國舞、西方舞蹈。Dance Programs at HongDe are culturally enriched, energetic and fun-filled experience that students absolutely love! They are geared to teach students to become more aware of their bodies and movements through gentle classical dance skills.

During classes students will learn teamwork and self-confidence as they work together to create a grand finale dance piece with cultural props and gorgeous costumes to perform for parents at the end of the program!


The school provide Children’s Music Enlightenment Education 兒童音樂啟蒙教育。Students can develop their individual potential and interact with the music around them. The program focuses on fundamental skill with singing, movement, literacy, improvisation & composition, evaluating music, and instrument playing.  The instrument includes ukulele, guitar, Violin, recorders, Orff and a variety of percussion instruments.  All students have opportunities to participate in music performing.

Visual Arts 

Students explore the Traditional Western and Chinese Visual Arts 中西方傳統繪畫視覺藝術 such as sketch, painting, writing brush, printmaking, claymation, film, and are introduced to a wide variety of classic artists and their works.


Students learn about Traditional Chinese and Western Drama 中西方古典戲劇.  The drama encourages student to explore life by the assumption of roles and by the acquisition of dramatic skills.  As students progress through the dramatic forms of expression at the elementary level, greater emphasis is placed upon the development of the individual as a creator, performer, historian, critic and patron.

Physical and Health Education

Core Curriculum Taught in English

English Language Arts



Social Studies

Career Education

Applied Design, Skills and Technologies