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Why School

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Why Choose HongDe Bilingual School

  1. Learn traditional Western and Chinese values, which include the cultivation of virtue, respect for elders and learning, diligence and propriety

  2. The earlier a child is introduced to a language, the greater the chances that that child will become truly proficient in this language.

  3. BC Ministry of Education registered Not-For-Profit K-7 Independent School

  4. Provides a Chinese bilingual education

  5. 40%/60% of the curriculum will be taught in Mandarin and English

  6. Children who speak Mandarin Have More Opportunities

  7. Previous Chinese experience is not required and parents do not need to know the language.

  8. Small Class, multicultural

  9. Our teachers have valid BC Teaching Certificates

  10. Music, dance and visual arts are taught by specialists in their field

  11. Learn Traditional Chinese and Western culture

  12. The school founders are experienced educators

  13. Teacher and staff develop close relationships with the children. They are warm, animated, and lively

  14. School Bus Pick Up, Drop-Off

  15. After-school programs provided