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Mandarin / English Bilingual Program


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Mandarin / English Bilingual Program

HongDe Elementary School is a BC Ministry of Education registered Not-For-Profit Kindergarten — Grade 5 Independent School, offering a Mandarin / English bilingual program.

Throughout K-5 grades, 40% of the curriculum will be taught in Chinese (Mandarin), and the other 60% will be taught in English.

The Name HongDe can be translated as “Promoting virtue through learning traditional culture.”

Why Choose HongDe Bilingual School

The earlier a child is introduced to a language, the greater the chance a child will become truly proficient in it.

HongDe teachers 2023

Our Teachers

HongDe School teachers have BC Teaching Certificates, and develop good relationships with the children.

School Bus Pick Up and Drop-Off

We provide school bus service for the following three cities:
— Vancouver
— Richmond
— Burnaby

Our Curriculum

At HongDe Elementary, we use BC curriculum, following the Core and Curricular Competencies.

Students are expected to adopt an open-minded view of different world cultural heritages in general, and to identify with the essence of the Chinese and Western heritage specifically.

Curriculum Taught in Mandarin

  • Mandarin Language Arts
  • Arts Education (Music, Dance, Drama)
  • Physical Education
  • Health Education

Core Curriculum Taught in English

  • English Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Career Education
  • Applied Design, Skills and Technologies
  • Arts Education
Female teacher with students

Parent Testimonials

Jacob and his parents

Jacob’s Parents

Our son Jacob is in the 4th grade at HongDe. He started attending HongDe at the beginning of the 3rd grade when we moved from Taiwan to Canada.

HongDe teachers and staff were so welcoming and supportive of Jacob’s adjustment to Canada and Jacob’s efforts to learn English. We are so pleased that Jacob has been able to maintain and further develop his Mandarin language skills while also learning English. The small class sizes, cultural programs, and very dedicated and knowledgeable teachers and staff have made HongDe school such a special experience for our son. He looks forward to attending school every day.

Thank you HongDe!

Josephine Wong, mother of Leona

I highly recommend HongDe as an excellent Mandarin bilingual elementary school. The school’s program provides students with the opportunity to become fluent in both Mandarin and English, and the emphasis on character development is impressive.

The teachers at HongDe are highly qualified and genuinely caring, and they create a positive environment that encourages students to thrive. Overall, HongDe is a great choice for families seeking a top-quality education that prioritizes both language and character development.

Lucy Huang, mother of Eve Huang

When my daughter first attended HongDe, she did not speak English very well and it was her first time very excited and somewhat anxious about all the new things to discover and experience at school. All teachers and staff are very helpful and well prepared to help children and families. My daughter always came back home with a smile and enjoyed going to school. After one year studying in HongDe , my daughter can speak both English and Mandarin very well.

In HongDe, all parents and staff work closely together to make the children’s experience fun, creative and meaningful during the school year. The teachers are very supportive and flexible in their approach in regard to teaching. The class sizes are small and not oversized. Moreover, they have a great Mandarin class with fabulous teachers who are very patient with my daughter.

I would like to express my appreciation that as a parent. I am very happy with the support and efforts the teachers in HongDe elementary are taking for my daughter. I appreciate it and thank all the teachers and the principal for making the class work out very well.

To everyone in HongDe, to all the staff: thank you for everything!!!

Roksolana Prudyus, mother of Zlata

My daughter Zlata is already a 4th grader. It’s her second school year at HongDe Elementary and I cannot express how happy I am with our school.

Zlata was born in Ukraine and we moved to Canada when she was five. She didn’t know English, not to mention Chinese. So I am impressed with how fast she started using English fluently and with her progress in Mandarin.

What I appreciate most is the kindness and professionalism of the school staff and teachers. They pay attention to every little detail of the kids’ personalities, helping them to succeed in the best way, and guiding them through new knowledge and social interactions.

Thank you, HongDe!

Alva Li, mother of Henry Leong

Henry was born in Calgary and we moved to Vancouver last year for the purpose of Henry’s Chinese development. My husband doesn’t speak any Chinese, and learning Chinese is important to our family. Surprisingly we are very impressed by the school, not just for how excellent Henry’s reading and speaking skills are now.

But most importantly, all teachers and administrative staff are very loving and passionate about their work. Henry is very fortunate to be able to grow in such a loving and caring environment. Within a year in HongDe Elementary School, Henry has developed his self-confidence and competency. Academically, Henry is supported by professional teachers, interactive workshops such as baking and cooking classes; arts & music, as well as a lot of outdoor activities. School board is also very supportive about teaching Chinese virtues which I personally think is very important for a child to learn to be kind, respectful and polite.

I will continue to recommend HongDe Elementary School to all of my friends and family.

Rose Pham, mother of Stephen Duong Nguyen

I am the mother of Stephen Duong Nguyen, a student of grade 1 in HongDe Elementary School.
Everything about school are amazing. Stephen loves this school. He loves all teachers and I am so happy about that.

Every morning he was excited to go to school to learn new things, play with friends.

He is so proud of himself that he can learn Mandarin and is super interested in reading, math and dance!

School Services

We are a well-rounded not-for-profit independent school offering additional services.

a Certified

We are an independent school accredited by the BC Ministry of Education.

a BC Curriculum

We offer a K-5 elementary school program and use the BC Curriculum.

Learning Multiculturalism

Coursework focuses on the application of language to real life situations and also on deepening an understanding of the cultural and spiritual aspects inherent in the language.

a Food and Nutrition

We provide nutritional hot lunches for the students. Please send your child with a healthy, nut-free morning snack.

a Health Education

We believe in a whole school approach to health and wellness. We focus on the following four areas: healthy eating; healthy relationships; physical activity; and positive mental health.

a Physical Education

Students learn the functions and benefits of Physical Education to support character strengths.

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