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Mandarin/English Bilingual Program at HongDe Elementary School

Empowering Tomorrow’s Global Leaders

In today’s globalized world, being bilingual is not just a skill—it’s a necessity. At HongDe Elementary, we take pride in our innovative Mandarin/English Bilingual Program that prepares students to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our dynamic approach to education encourages bilingualism, cultural understanding, and academic success.

Mandarin/English Bilingual Program at HongDe Elementary School

Our Bilingual Program: The Only Mandarin/English Bilingual Elementary School in Downtown Vancouver

Our program is designed for students who speak both English and Mandarin, covering grades K-5. With 40% of instructional time dedicated to Mandarin and 60% to English, our curriculum aligns with the BC curriculum and Core and Curricular Competencies.

By completing our program, students gain proficiency in both English and Mandarin, reaching levels equivalent to their monolingual peers in academic English.

Our curriculum not only provides practical language application skills but also explores the rich cultural and spiritual aspects integral to both languages. Students in our program achieve B1 to B2 (Intermediate-High to Advanced-Mid) proficiency levels, enabling them to read newspaper articles, understand TV programs, and confidently interact with native speakers on diverse topics.

Mandarin/English Bilingual Program at HongDe Elementary School

Cultural Appreciation

At HongDe Elementary, we believe that language learning is more than just memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules. It is about understanding and appreciating different cultures. Our program exposes students to traditional and simplified characters, Zhuyin, and Pinyin romanization systems. Through extensive reading, students master 1500-2000 Chinese characters by the end of the program, guided by sources adhering to traditional Chinese values.

Cultural appreciation: mix of Chinese & Western values

Enriching Education

Our Fine Arts Program enriches students’ cultural experiences through Traditional Chinese Dance, Western Dance, Children’s Music Enlightenment Education, Traditional Western and Chinese Visual Arts, and Traditional Chinese and Western Drama. These courses, taught by specialists, cultivate creativity, teamwork, and self-confidence.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Career Education, and Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies. This well-rounded education prepares students for success in various academic and professional pursuits.

Join Us Today

We are committed to fostering culturally aware individuals who are well-rounded and prepared to succeed in our globalized society. We invite you to help us spread the values of our school by promoting virtues and empowering tomorrow’s leaders through the power of bilingualism and cultural appreciation. Join us today and let your child become a part of HongDe’s Mandarin/English Bilingual Program!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does HongDe offer Early Mandarin Bilingual?

Yes, HongDe Elementary offers an Early Mandarin Bilingual program, starting from kindergarten and continuing through grade 5. This early start helps young learners develop strong language skills in both Mandarin and English.

What is a bilingual school?

A bilingual school is an educational institution where instruction is given in two different languages. Students learn subjects in both languages, allowing them to become proficient in both and develop a deep understanding of the associated cultures.

Is HongDe a Dual Language Bilingual School?

Yes, HongDe Elementary is a dual-language bilingual school. We provide instruction in both Mandarin and English, with 40% of instructional time dedicated to Mandarin and 60% to English.

What is the Mandarin program in the Vancouver School Board?

The Mandarin program in the Vancouver School Board focuses on Mandarin Language Arts. It develops Mandarin oral communication skills along with reading and writing skills using Chinese characters. The program emphasizes practical language application and cultural understanding.

Join us at HongDe Elementary and empower your child to become a global leader through our Mandarin/English Bilingual Program!

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