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Determination: Virtue of June

Announcing the Virtue of the Month for June: Determination!

Why wait when we can hit the ground running? Right after our school assembly dedicated to Understanding, we are excited to announce that the virtue for June is Determination.

Determination: Virtue of June at HongDe

Defined by The Virtues Project as “The power of intent that drives our dreams. Persevering until we meet our goals,” determination is about pushing through challenges and staying focused on our aspirations.

The Importance of the Virtue of Determination

Determination is a trait that helps individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. At HongDe Elementary, we believe in instilling this virtue in our students from a young age. Determination fosters resilience, grit, and a positive mindset, enabling students to tackle challenges head-on and persist until they succeed.

Determination is very important

How We Foster Determination at HongDe Elementary

Encouraging Goal Setting

We guide our students to set realistic and achievable goals, helping them understand the importance of persistence and hard work.

Celebrating Perseverance

We celebrate and recognize the efforts of students who demonstrate determination, reinforcing the value of this virtue.

Providing Support

Our teachers and staff provide continuous support and encouragement, helping students navigate difficulties and stay committed to their goals.

Incorporating Stories and Activities

We incorporate stories, activities, and discussions that highlight the power of determination, inspiring students to embrace this virtue in their daily lives.

Book of the Month: ‘Jabari Tries’ by Gaia Cornwall

Book of the month - Jabari Tries by Gaia Cornwall

To complement our focus on determination, our Book of the Month is ‘Jabari Tries’ by Gaia Cornwall. This delightful story follows Jabari as he invents a flying machine, learning that turning a crash into a whoosh requires grit, patience, and some help from his sister. Jabari’s journey is a wonderful example of determination in action, teaching students that perseverance and flexibility can turn an inventive thought into a brilliant reality. The endearing illustrations and father-child dynamics make this book a captivating read, aligning perfectly with our theme for the month.

Let’s make this month a testament to our unwavering spirit and commitment to achieving our goals! At HongDe Elementary, we are dedicated to nurturing the virtue of determination in our students, helping them become resilient and successful individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the virtue of self-determination?

The virtue of self-determination involves having the internal strength and motivation to pursue goals and make decisions independently. It is about being self-driven and committed to achieving what you set out to do, regardless of obstacles or challenges.

How are virtues determined?

Virtues are determined through cultural, philosophical, and religious beliefs that define what is considered morally excellent or desirable. They are often identified through historical texts, societal values, and educational frameworks that aim to cultivate good character and ethical behavior.

What are the seven pillars of virtue?

The Seven Virtues are a set of moral principles that guide ethical behavior. They include:
Faith. The foundation of all virtues, representing trust and belief in a higher purpose.
Justice. Depicted as a blindfolded woman holding scales, it symbolizes fairness and equity.
Prudence. The ability to make wise and thoughtful decisions.
Hope. A sense of optimism and confidence in the future.
Temperance. Practicing self-control and moderation.
Fortitude. Demonstrating courage and strength in facing adversity.
Charity. Showing love and kindness towards others.

What are the five most important virtues?

While all virtues are valuable, five that are often highlighted for their importance include:
Honesty – being truthful and transparent in all actions.
Respect – showing consideration and appreciation for others.
Responsibility – being accountable for one’s actions and duties.
Kindness – demonstrating compassion and empathy towards others.
Courage – facing challenges with bravery and resilience.

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