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Year-End Performance at HongDe Elementary

Celebrating Our Year-End Performance at HongDe Elementary

At HongDe Elementary, the Year-End Performance is a cherished tradition, celebrating the culmination of our students’ hard work and learning throughout the school year. This event showcases the unique combination of our Fine Arts Program and Bilingual Mandarin/English Program, highlighting our students’ talents in music, dance, and drama.

Year-End Performance Program

Program Highlights

The 2024 Year-End Performance was spectacular, featuring diverse performances that left the audience in awe. Here is a closer look at the program:

Peter Pan (English Play)

Our students brought the timeless tale of Peter Pan to life with their impressive acting skills. This English play was a wonderful demonstration of their creativity and teamwork.

Year-End Performance: Peter Pan Play

Traditional Mandarin Songs & Dance

Our students showcased their bilingual abilities and cultural appreciation with the following 中文表演項目 Mandarin performances:

  • 弟子規 ‘Rules of Children’ by grades K-5
  • 蓮花小仙子 ‘Little Flowers Fairies’ by grades K-1
  • 庭園姑娘 ‘Ladies of the Courtyard’ by the girls of grades 2-5
  • 神州勇士 ‘Warriors’ by the boys of grades 2-5
Year-End Performance: Traditional Chinese Dance

Musical Performances

Our students’ musical talents were on full display with a variety of performances:

  • 小鐵琴:小星星 Resonator bells: ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars‘ by grades K-3
  • 直笛:瑪莉有隻小綿羊、快樂頌 Recorder: ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ & ‘Ode to Joy‘ by grades 4-5
  • 愛心樹遍人間 ‘Trees of Love Are All Over the World’ by all students
Year-End Musical Performances

Certificate Ceremony

Recognizing their hard work and achievements, each student received a certificate from their classroom teacher. These certificates celebrated their best work and successes throughout the school year.

Message from Principal, Staff & Students

The event concluded with heartfelt messages from our principal, staff, and students. Their words of encouragement and appreciation highlighted the strong sense of community and dedication at HongDe Elementary.

“Thank you to all the families and friends for attending our Year-End Performance. I am sure our students were grateful for the opportunity to perform in front of their loved ones. A huge thank you to the teachers, staff, and especially to the students. Congratulations on your hard work and for remembering all the dance moves and lines. Well done!”

Brittany Conlon, MEd

The Year-End Performance at HongDe Elementary is a testament to our students’ dedication, creativity, and the enriching education they receive through our Fine Arts and Bilingual Mandarin/English Programs. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and look forward to many more memorable performances in the future.