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Ms. Brittany Conlon

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Ms. Brittany Conlon

Principal, Grades 2-3 Teacher

Ms. Brittany Conlon is a BC certified teacher with a diverse background; she has made significant contributions to both public and private K-12 educational systems in BC and Japan. During her tenure at a BC offshore school in Japan, Brittany served as the lead teacher of a junior high school double diploma program, demonstrating her leadership and dedication to academic excellence.

With a commitment to lifelong learning, Ms. Conlon has earned an impressive array of qualifications. She holds a Master of Education in Administration and Leadership from the University of British Columbia (UBC), a Bachelor of Education specializing in Elementary/Middle School studies, and a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Pacific and Asian Studies, both from the University of Victoria (UVic).

But what truly sets Ms. Conlon apart is her unwavering dedication to fostering relationships and meeting the diverse needs of our students, parents, and colleagues. Her caring and collaborative approach creates a supportive environment where every member of our school community can thrive.


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HongDe Elementary staff at the Vancouver Private School Expo 2023
Ms. Brittany Conlon at the virtue of the month assembly
Ms. Brittany Conlon reading about Remembrance Day