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Summer Reading Challenge 2024

Join the HongDe Summer Reading Challenge!

Join HongDe Summer Reading Challenge 2024

As the summer break approaches, HongDe Elementary is excited to launch our fun and engaging Summer Reading Challenge! This challenge is designed to keep your child’s mind sharp and imagination soaring throughout the summer months. Here’s everything you need to know to get started:

Summer Reading Challenge

How to Participate

Download the Challenge

You can download the complete rules of the challenge, along with the activity sheet and book tracker coloring sheet, in PDF format by clicking the link below:

[Download Here]

Summer Reading Challenge from HongDe

Track Your Progress

Use the reading tracker or simply color the squares from the challenge list to keep track of the books you’ve read. This will help you stay organized and motivated throughout the summer.

Share Your Favorites

Write a short summary or review of your favorite books. You can even draw a picture of a scene you liked! Sharing your thoughts and artwork will enhance your reading experience and inspire others.

Celebrate Your Achievements

At the end of the summer, share your completed challenge with your teachers and classmates. There may be special recognition for those who complete the most tasks!

Reading Challenge Tasks

  1. Read a Book About Animals
    • Learn about your favorite animal or discover a new one!
  2. Read a Book by an Author You’ve Never Read Before
    • Explore new writing styles and stories from different authors.
  3. Read a Book Recommended by a Friend or Family Member
    • See what others are enjoying and maybe find a new favorite.
  4. Read a Book That Became a Movie
    • Compare the book to the film adaptation and discuss the differences.
  5. Read a Non-Fiction Book
    • Expand your knowledge on a topic that interests you.
  6. Read a Book Set in a Different Country
    • Travel the world through the pages of a book.
  7. Read a Book With a Main Character Who Is Different From You
    • Gain new perspectives by stepping into someone else’s shoes.
  8. Read a Book That Won an Award
    • Discover why the book was recognized for its excellence.
  9. Read a Book You Can Finish in One Day
    • Enjoy a quick and satisfying read.
  10. Read a Graphic Novel or Comic Book
    • Appreciate the blend of art and storytelling.
  11. Read a Book About Magic or Fantasy
    • Let your imagination run wild in a magical world.
  12. Read a Book That Was Published This Year
    • Stay up-to-date with the latest in literature.
  13. Read a Mystery Book
    • Put on your detective hat and solve a thrilling mystery.
  14. Read a Book With a One-Word Title
    • Sometimes, less is more!
  15. Read a Book Set in the Future or the Past
    • Travel through time with a captivating story.
Mom reading with her children

Bonus Activities

Create Your Own Book

Write and illustrate your own short story or comic book. This creative exercise will let your imagination soar and improve your storytelling skills.

Book Swap

Organize a book swap with friends or family members to discover new reads. This is a great way to explore different genres and authors.

Library Visit

Visit your local library and ask the librarian for book recommendations. Libraries often have summer programs and events that can make reading even more enjoyable.

HongDe Elementary Summer Reading Challenge 2024

Good Luck with HongDe Summer Reading Challenge!

Happy reading, and have a fantastic summer break! We can’t wait to hear about your summer reading adventures when school starts again. Join the HongDe Summer Reading Challenge and let’s make this summer a season of reading and discovery!

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