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Why Choose HongDe Elementary School

Unlocking Potential, Inspiring Excellence: Welcome to HongDe Elementary School

Welcome to HongDe Elementary School, where every student’s journey is a testament to our commitment to unlocking potential and fostering excellence! As a certified Not-For-Profit Kindergarten through Grade 5 Independent School approved by the BC Ministry of Education, we take pride in offering an unparalleled educational experience.

Why Choose HongDe Elementary School. Featured Image

Bilingual Excellence in Mandarin and English

Our immersive Mandarin/English bilingual program is one of the hallmarks of HongDe Elementary School. With 40% of the K-5 curriculum delivered in Chinese (Mandarin), students develop a profound understanding of the language and culture. The remaining 60% unfolds in the richness of English, ensuring holistic development in both languages. Previous Chinese experience is not required, making our program accessible to all students.

Why Choose HongDe Elementary School: Mandarin/English Bilingual Program

Nurturing Holistic Development

At HongDe Elementary, we are dedicated to nurturing academic excellence, cultural appreciation, and artistic expression. Our holistic approach prepares students for success in a globalized world, equipping them with the skills and values needed to thrive. Our experienced BC Certified teachers and small class settings ensure personalized attention and support, fostering close relationships between teachers, staff, and students.

Why Choose HongDe Elementary School: Holistic Approach

Vibrant Fine Arts Curriculum

In addition to our bilingual program, HongDe Elementary offers a Fine Arts curriculum. Music, Dance, Visual Arts, and Drama are taught by specialists in their field, providing students with opportunities to explore and express their creativity. Through these artistic endeavors, students develop confidence, teamwork skills, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Why Choose HongDe Elementary School: Fine Arts Program

Community and Support

Our school founders are experienced educators committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for every student. With school bus pick-up and drop-off services available, we make it convenient for families to access our exceptional educational offerings.

Join Us at HongDe Elementary School

Come and explore the boundless opportunities at HongDe Elementary School, where language, culture, and creativity converge to shape tomorrow’s leaders. Whether you’re seeking a bilingual education, a vibrant Fine Arts curriculum, or a supportive community, HongDe Elementary School is the perfect choice to unlock your child’s potential and inspire excellence. Join us on this extraordinary journey of learning and discovery!

Please contact the Admissions Office at (604) 416-0386 or email us at info@hongdeschool.ca


Where can I find reviews for HongDe Elementary?

You can find reviews for HongDe Elementary on Google Reviews. Follow this link to read what our community has to say: HongDe Elementary Google Reviews

Who is the principal of HongDe Elementary?

The principal of HongDe Elementary is Brittany Conlon, MEd. Learn more about her vision and message for our school community on our website: Message from Principal Brittany Conlon, MEd

What is Mandarin immersion like in Vancouver?

Mandarin immersion in Vancouver is a unique educational opportunity that opens doors to cultural understanding and global perspectives. At HongDe Elementary, our bilingual program offers students a comprehensive immersion experience, fostering fluency in Mandarin while providing a strong foundation in English. With our experienced teachers and supportive community, students thrive in both languages, preparing them for success in an interconnected world.