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Introducing Brittany Conlon: New Principal at HongDe Elementary

Welcoming Brittany Conlon: Our New Principal

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Brittany Conlon as the newest addition to our HongDe Elementary family! With her impressive background and unwavering dedication to education, Brittany is well-prepared to lead our school to new heights of success.

Brittany Conlon headshot

A Leader with Experience and Expertise

Brittany is a BC-certified teacher with a wealth of experience in both public and private K-12 educational systems in BC and Japan. Her journey in international education includes a standout role as the lead teacher of a junior high school double diploma program at a BC offshore school in Japan.

Lifelong Learner and Education Advocate

Brittany’s commitment to education doesn’t stop in the classroom. She holds an M.Ed. in Administration and Leadership from UBC, empowering her with the knowledge and expertise to guide our school effectively. Her academic background also includes a B.Ed. specializing in Elementary/Middle School studies and a B.A. specializing in Pacific and Asian Studies, both from UVic, reflecting her global perspective and dedication to cultural understanding.

Building Strong Relationships and Supporting Growth

What truly sets Brittany apart is her genuine care and dedication to building strong relationships within our school community. She believes in meeting the needs of all students, parents, and colleagues, fostering a supportive environment where everyone can thrive and grow. Brittany’s warm and caring approach is the foundation of our nurturing and inspiring learning environment at HongDe Elementary.

Join us in giving a warm welcome to Brittany as she embarks on this exciting journey as our Principal! Together, we will continue to provide a nurturing and inspiring learning experience for all our students. 

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