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School Open House on April 22

Discover Excellence at HongDe Elementary: Open House Invitation

School Open House on April 22

Save the date! 

Join us for a special event that you won’t want to miss: our Open House on Monday, April 22nd, 2024, from 9 AM to 12 PM. It’s your chance to step into the vibrant learning environment of HongDe Elementary, where possibilities unfold and young minds flourish.

Why HongDe Elementary is Special

🌐 Mandarin/English Bilingual Program

Immerse your child in a dynamic bilingual environment, fostering language proficiency and cultural appreciation.

🎨 Fine Arts Program

Explore creativity and expression through our enriching Fine Arts curriculum, igniting passion and talent in every student.

📚 BC Curriculum

Experience academic excellence with our comprehensive BC Curriculum, designed to nurture critical thinking and lifelong learning.

🚌 School Bus Pick-up and Drop-off

Enjoy the convenience of safe and reliable transportation options for your child’s daily commute.

What to Expect

Explore our inviting classrooms, meet our dedicated educators, and envision the enriching educational journey your child can embark on at HongDe Elementary. 🤗 Whether you’re a prospective parent or a curious community member, our Open House offers a glimpse into the heart of our school community.

RSVP Today!

📞 Secure your spot by calling 1 604 416 0386 or fill out our online form.

See you at our Open House! Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the excellence that awaits at HongDe Elementary. 

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